GOLDENAGE (GLC) - decentralized crypto currency, which was created to work all over the world without a central authority and banks. FARGOCASH works on an independent, decentralized blockchain system. On the basis of the GOLDENAGE crypto currency, the GOLDENPAY multi-crypto currency platform which will be implemented, is intended for online payments and crypto currency exchange around the world. The main advantage of the GOLDENPAY platform is support of a huge number of crypto-currencies with the possibility of paying for services and products through a simple, yet secure API connection to popular online stores, CMS systems, start-ups. The investor will be able to store all of his assets on the personal account of the GOLDENPAY platform without having to download individual wallets for each coin, with the possibility of exchanging among themselves inside the wallet. For the input of funds, as well as currency conversion, the service will charge a fixed commission; if you keep GOLDENAGE on the balance sheet – you get an automatic discount for trade and transfers. Two projects will be launched on the GOLDENPAY platform, the decentralized GOLDENPAY exchange and a bulletin board with an integrated online store based on blockchain. The investor will not only be able to earn at crypto-currency auctions, but also, having GOLDENAGE on his account, he will receive the maximum discount when making purchases or sales in the online store.